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Open Top Containers For Sale in Scotland

Designed for Large and Heavy Shipments

Our Open Top Shipping Containers are ingeniously crafted for the transportation of large and heavy items. Equipped with an open top, they facilitate effortless loading and unloading of bulky cargo, making them an optimal choice for a wide range of shipping needs in Scotland.

Ideal for Out of Gauge Cargo

These containers are particularly well-suited for out of gauge cargo that simply cannot be accommodated in standard shipping containers. Their open top design offers the flexibility and space required for transporting uniquely shaped or oversized items with ease.

Specifications and Features

Mirroring the precise dimensions of standard 20’ and 40’ containers, our open top models are furnished with a durable tarpaulin cover roof. This tarp not only provides additional height and capacity but also ensures the protection and security of the contents. The flexibility of the tarpaulin cover allows for various shipping applications, making these containers incredibly versatile.

Most Popular: 20ft Open Top Container

  • Length: 6.096m
  • Width: 2.352m
  • Height: 2.591m
  • Payload: 28,310 kgs
  • CSC Plated for international shipping standards

Conveniently Located in Grangemouth, Scotland

Our depot in Grangemouth, Scotland, is fully equipped to supply these open top containers. We are strategically positioned to serve the entire region efficiently, ensuring timely and reliable delivery of these specialized containers.


We can offer new, used or converted containers.

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