shipping containers in downtown

Shipping containers in downtown

An outdoor retail mall made up of shipping containers in downtown is about to celebrate its 2nd anniversary.

Most businesses in The Boxyard have been successful and new businesses are still coming in.

“Everybody here is local, there are no chains,” said Casey Stowe, The Boxyard’s developer.  “Everyone is local and that is something I was very specific about.”

Thought was also put into the mix of businesses in The Boxyard, what will work and what might not – no tanning salon or vape shop, but yes to a comic book store.

“That was something I wanted very specifically was a comic book store,” said Stowe.

Another business the developer wanted in the space was a liquor store with the right mix of wine and other spirits, and there’s one on the way.

Diane and Chris Riley are planning the layout of their new liquor store in The Boxyard.

The concept is still taking shape, while shelves are being assembled and security cameras are going in.

The Rileys say they are excited to be a part of this one-of-a-kind retail development.

Source: newson6

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