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Refrigerated Containers For Hire in Scotland

Refrigerated shipping containers are specifically designed to keep perishable items cold during transport. They are made of insulating materials that help maintain a consistent temperature inside the container. 

There are a few different types of refrigerated shipping containers available. The most common type is the 40ft reefer container. 

Refrigerated shipping containers are used to transport a wide range of perishable items, including food, pharmaceuticals, and flowers. They are also used to transport frozen items, such as meat and ice cream.

Often called reefer containers or simply reefers, they provide a cost-efficient solution to your cold storage requirements. 

A Food-safe material lines Reefer containers interior like stainless steel or white-faced aluminium.


Most Popular

40ft Refrigerated Shipping Container

  • Length 12.032 m
  • Width 2.35 m
  • Height2.274 m
  • Volume67m sq
  • Payload28,870 kgs

Temperature Controlled

Depot:Grangemouth, Scotland

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